Alexandre Souêtre: Umbrellas


Alexandre Souêtre is a photographer and art director currently living in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Paris, France. Alex has a minimalist approach to design and an immaculate eye for tone, often playing with scale to suspend lone figures in mid air or to encase them against a clean, concrete background. Learn more


Large: 650 x 433 mm (690 x 473 mm with border)

Small: 310 x 207 mm (350 x 247 mm with border)

Print type:

C-type on matt paper

Signed certificate of authenticity included. Limited to an edition of 20 prints.

Framing not included. Once your order is received we will reach out with framing options.

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Picture from another planet.

– @jorik_hngstmngl


Absolutely stunning!! 🌞🌚🙌

– @cakeandcrime