It’s with great pride we can share our feature in the New York Times article “London Seeks to Prove Frieze Week Isn’t Just for V.I.P.s” following our week long exhibition at the Peckham International Art Fair.

Scott Reyburn spoke to Tom earlier in the week and took an interest in our gallery:

The London-based Open Doors gallery was offering at the fair limited-edition prints of digital images from photographers popular on Instagram.


The gallery sold at least six prints of Edward Hopper-inspired interiors by the Ian Howorth, an Instagrammer (28,800 followers) based in Brighton, England, starting at £125 each.

We are also proud to be part of what Scott describes as “the grass roots of [art] collecting” with our focus on emerging talent and new social platforms for showcasing the pieces.

We will be in the featured in the New York print edition today (7th of October 2017).

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